The future of Destination Management Companies

What is the future of Destination Mangement Companies? How should we plan our future?

We are thinking much about what happens next, right? We would like to know what happens when the pandemic threat is over – or at least when we are able to adjust to it and manage to travel again.

From our reflections on the future, these are the four essential areas on which to focus for the future of tourism and events, areas of interest for all the Destination Management Companies.

1. Safety

Safety of course. This is already part of professional organizers’ DNA. Safety has always been number one priority.

In the past, there have been other occasions that threatened safety, like terrorism for example. However, in the next future, the role of DMCs is more relevant than ever in providing safe environments for everybody: clients and suppliers.

This might finally put DMCs back to their role as reliable reference points for our clients. A role that has been sometimes underestimated in the most recent years.

No doubt we need to do all that it takes to apply best practices and guarantee peace of mind for our clients.

2. Accessibility

This is a topic on which we are gaining experience on the field. Accessibility and inclusion are a “must” for our future as they are central in every day modern life.

We must work hard to make every project accessible and enjoyable for all participants. It would not be acceptable not to plan in advance to avoid last minute troubles for guests.

3. Technology

Technology, of course. We are talking of “online” experiences combined with offline, of course, but there is more. There is the change in the attitude and expectations of people.

Artificial Intelligence and IOT are now part of our everyday lives, we cannot ignore them in our work. They will drive the expectations of our clients. Participants are used to a certain level of personalization in their experiences. We should figure out ways to meet those expectations.

There is more. Companies are improving their so called “digital maturity”, and this trend applies to our own companies, but also to the events and experiences that we organize.

Technology is also Augmented Reality, which we had already being using for some of the experiences proposed, as a tool for gamification as well as an impressive way of providing more information on our cultural heritage. Well, this is going to be an excellent way to enhance online and offline events as well as leisure travels together with Virtual Reality.

4. Sustainability

This was already a key topic in the past few years. It can only become even more central. We need to keep in mind sustainability when we plan and deliver our projects.

It will no longer be acceptable to ignore it unless you want to be considered a Jurassic company.

This is quite a challenging but exciting scenario, once we will have come to terms with this present threat.

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