The Italian dream

tuscan countryside destination of a luxury journey
tuscan countryside destination of a luxury journey

Luxury Travels:
The Italian Dream

A special birthday gift to a lady who loves Under the Tuscan Sun: one-week-journey through Tuscany with ten of her best friends.

The husband wanted to offer his wife and her friends a top interactive experience in Tuscany. The challange was that they were all very experienced travellers, not easy to surprise.

making florentine paper
making saffron from flowers
barrels with tuscan wine


We included a number of activities specifically required by the guest of honor and enriched with surprise elements to gradually raise the impact and emotion of the journey for this group of experienced travellers.

We included:

  • Hands-on cooking lessons with visit to local markets or vegetable gardens with focus on special ingredients as for example San Gimignano saffron.
  • Making of a personalized parfume with a Maestro profumiere, learning how to combine the favourite scents of each guest.
  • Tour of Siena including the beautiful Duomo where, thanks to an exceptional opening they could visit the “Paradise Gate” and one of the famous “Contrade”, the famous different districts of Siena which compete during the Palio.
  • A workshop on hand decorated, precious Florentine paper.
  • Tastings of olive oil, wine, cheese.
  • Shopping tour with a personal shopper.

Restaurants were carefully selected to offer a wide range of Tuscan and Italian food, from the simplest, traditional recipes served in local trattoria to the creative dishes available at Michelin starred restaurants, also including “family dinner” in a private house and farewell dinner in a private room inside a medieval tower.

Especially designed experiences through Italy and the Mediterranean area for demanding travelers: there is something for all tastes.

Gourmet: truffle hunting and tasting. Visiting markets and cooking with the chef. Behind the scenes of wine production and tasting (some of) the best wines in the world. Learning how to produce home made Italian liquors. Tasting gelato!

Active: eli-golf with tournaments through different golf courses reached by helicopter. Sailing. Panoramic trekking and hiking. Driving a Ferrari.

Cultural: private visits of the secret Vatican Archive


San Carlo Opera Theater in Naples, Italy
San Carlo Opera Theatre in Naples

Luxury Events:
CSO, art and music

Special trip for the patrons of the Chicago Symphony’s Orchestra following Maestro Riccardo Muti in his tour of European opera theater.

a special performance for the patrons of the Chicago Simphony Orchestra
Chicago Simphony Orchestra dedicated pizza in Naples


A special trip through Italy for 60 patrons, sponsor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra CSO. Our goal was to meet and exceed the expectations of a highly educated and well-travelledgroup of patrons of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra visiting Italy in combination with the CSOEuropean tour under the direction of Maestro Riccardo Muti.

Starting from the idea of offering participants an uncommon cultural experience, we were able to create a sequence of special occasions including an exclusive visit to the “Lux in Arcana” exhibition, a once in a life occasion to admire 100 among the most important documents belonging to the Vatican Secret Archive for the first time shown all together at the Capitol Museum of Rome. The museum has been privatized for the occasion and the tour has been led by licensed guides specializing in art and history. The day ended up with a concert of the Opera theatre in Rome. The trip continued to Naples with one more exclusive tour of the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, where Riccardo Muti gave his last exam to obtain a piano diploma. Welcomed by the Director of the Museum, CSO’s patrons have then been led to the same room where the Maestro had performed 50 years earlier where a young musicians played that same repertoire. That evening, concert at the San Carlo Opera Theatre.

Once in Naples, one cannot miss the real pizza and patrons had the best in town: at Pizzeria Sorbillo the pizza makers produced a personalized pizza dedicated to CSO and much appreciated by guests.

The Motor Valley

Driving a Ferrari in a race track
Driving a Ferrari in a race track

Incentive Travel:
The Motor Valley

A motivational event for a small, selected group of top Brazilian wholesalers.

Driving a Ferrari in a race track
Dinner Museo Ferrari Maranello


This incentive trip was part of a wider project offering higher education to customers as a reward and a loyalty program. Guests were in fact Brazilian wholesalers of a variety of brands who started their careers owning small retail shops to grow into much larger companies with huge volumes of sales thanks to the Brazilian booming economy in recent years.

The trip consisted of two parts: the first part mostly focused on education with a limited social program, the second part mainly dedicated to fun and entertainment.

The program started with three days in Milan and an ad hoc full immersion workshop at the famous Bocconi University. From Milan the selected group of guests was transferred to Maranello, seat of the Ferrari car factory. Being Felipe Massa the Brazilian pilot of F1 Ferrari cars, Ferrari has a special symbolic appeal for Brazilians. At Maranello they enjoyed a number of special designed activities among which an exclusive visit of the Ferrari Museum where, welcomed by the director, they could learn about the Ferrari’s concept of man / employee being the center of production to end with dinner in the impressing Victory Hall, the room hosting all of the winning F1 Ferrari cars. Before leaving Maranello, guests had a surprising last activity organized: driving a real sport Ferrari car on a local track.

Launch of new perfumes

Gucci Evening

Luxury Travels:
Launch of new fragrance

A renowned multinational company, needed to introduce two new perfumes produced on behalf of two different, very famous Italian fashion designers. Guests: 400 dealers from all over Europe.

Product launch, incentive, events
Spazio Novencento Rome


The two new fragrances were branded by two Italian designers, therefore Italy was the most logic destination for the event. The client selected Rome in particular considering the charm of the city and the easy access from different European airports.

The event targeted a very selected group of 400 dealers from all over Europe. The dealers were invited for a two-day incentive program with a full range of daily activities which allowed them to discover and enjoy the city. For each perfume we designed a specific launching ceremony, taking into account the different syle and characteristics of each fashion brand.

This is why we selected two different venues, each with its own special atmosphere. Each venue was also flexible enough as to be adapted to the different personalities of the two fashion designers.

The first venue selected was the roof garden restaurant of the beautiful Exhibition Palace in the heart of the historical centre. An ample and minimalistic space characterized by glass walls from where one can enjoy the beautiful facades of the period buildings surrounding the palace for an impressive contrast with the modern setting and light projections inside. The second evening was instead set at Spazio Novecento, in the EUR neighbourhood. A total-white space for a designer whose famous logo is all black and gold.