Incentive Travel:
Only for the best

An incentive trip o reward 1000 top dealers from all over Asia and stimulate them to reach better results year after year.


The destinations selected for this trip were Venice and Rome.

One of the most important aspects for the company was to keep a strict hierarchy based on annual sales volume, with a consequent difference in treating their topdealerswith respect to the other dealers in order.

For this reason, among other extra benefits, the best 150 dealers and their partners were rewarded with 3 days pre-tour in Venice before reaching Rome, where the other 700 participants joined the incentive travel.

They particularly appreciated activities where culture and fun were mixed together, and the combination of Italian and Asian food they were served throughout the trip.

In preparation of this event, some of our staff members participated to a similar incentive trip organized by the company one year earlier in the USA in order to be well prepared for the expectations and needs of participants.

In particular, knowing that food would have been one of the most important aspects to make guests feel comfortable in Italy, we invited two Asian chefs to come from Malaysia and coordinate local Italian chefs in preparing Asian food for breakfast and a few lunches and dinners.

In addition, a number of special ingredients were imported from Asia to prepare vegetarian meals.