The Italian dream

tuscan countryside destination of a luxury journey

Luxury Travels:
The Italian Dream

A special birthday gift to a lady who loves Under the Tuscan Sun: one-week-journey through Tuscany with ten of her best friends.

The husband wanted to offer his wife and her friends a top interactive experience in Tuscany. The challange was that they were all very experienced travellers, not easy to surprise.

making florentine paper
making saffron from flowers
barrels with tuscan wine


We included a number of activities specifically required by the guest of honor and enriched with surprise elements to gradually raise the impact and emotion of the journey for this group of experienced travellers.

We included:

  • Hands-on cooking lessons with visit to local markets or vegetable gardens with focus on special ingredients as for example San Gimignano saffron.
  • Making of a personalized parfume with a Maestro profumiere, learning how to combine the favourite scents of each guest.
  • Tour of Siena including the beautiful Duomo where, thanks to an exceptional opening they could visit the “Paradise Gate” and one of the famous “Contrade”, the famous different districts of Siena which compete during the Palio.
  • A workshop on hand decorated, precious Florentine paper.
  • Tastings of olive oil, wine, cheese.
  • Shopping tour with a personal shopper.

Restaurants were carefully selected to offer a wide range of Tuscan and Italian food, from the simplest, traditional recipes served in local trattoria to the creative dishes available at Michelin starred restaurants, also including “family dinner” in a private house and farewell dinner in a private room inside a medieval tower.

Especially designed experiences through Italy and the Mediterranean area for demanding travelers: there is something for all tastes.

Gourmet: truffle hunting and tasting. Visiting markets and cooking with the chef. Behind the scenes of wine production and tasting (some of) the best wines in the world. Learning how to produce home made Italian liquors. Tasting gelato!

Active: eli-golf with tournaments through different golf courses reached by helicopter. Sailing. Panoramic trekking and hiking. Driving a Ferrari.

Cultural: private visits of the secret Vatican Archive